Nachhaltigkeit Im Alpinen Tourismus – Datengestützte Theoriebildung Für Die Praxis

DBA thesis

Siegele, M. 2023. Nachhaltigkeit Im Alpinen Tourismus – Datengestützte Theoriebildung Für Die Praxis. DBA thesis Middlesex University / KMU Akademie & Management AG Business School
TypeDBA thesis
TitleNachhaltigkeit Im Alpinen Tourismus – Datengestützte Theoriebildung Für Die Praxis
AuthorsSiegele, M.

This thesis deals with the possibilities of sustainable development in alpine tourism. The aim of the work is to develop concrete approaches for the practice of tourism professionals.

When searching through the literature, it was found that predominantly people unfamiliar with tourism deal with and evaluate aspects of sustainability in alpine tourism. On the part of tourism experts, the topic is treated inadequately, at least in the literature. In order to close this gap, the options for action on the part of the provider were therefore worked out in this work. As a result, the work is primarily aimed at everyone working in tourism.

This is achieved by the fact that the surveys have already been carried out with a corresponding focus. In order to achieve this, the actual situation on the market was first surveyed. Concrete examples of sustainable tourism from practice were also analysed. In addition to the relevant literature, legal regulations and statistics were analysed. Interviews were also carried out with decision makers and people directly connected to the tourist system. In addition to the employees and the guests, also indirectly affected profiteers and suffering people were interviewed in order to capture as many perspectives as possible. With the ground theory, a qualitative method was chosen with which the collected data was analysed, concepts created and reassembled in a new way.

It transpired that the topic of sustainability has been anchored directly and indirectly in many parts of alpine tourism for a long time. In addition to the core competence of a company, its partnerships and the willingness of the individual participants are of great importance for sustainable development. A major challenge in the tourism market is the difficult assessment of the sustainability of an offer. This fact makes a comparison difficult for both guests and tourism professionals. In this context, interesting and above all relevant findings were discovered, which are particularly relevant for the decision makers of tourism companies and which represent helpful approaches.

Sustainable Development Goals9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11 Sustainable cities and communities
Middlesex University ThemeCreativity, Culture & Enterprise
Department nameBusiness School
Institution nameMiddlesex University / KMU Akademie & Management AG
Collaborating institutionKMU Akademie & Management AG
PublisherMiddlesex University Research Repository
Publication dates
Online29 Feb 2024
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Accepted07 Mar 2023
Deposited29 Feb 2024
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