Geschäftsmodellbasierte Strategiebewertung vor dem Hintergrund der digitalen Transformation von Unternehmen

DBA thesis

Blaschke, R. 2023. Geschäftsmodellbasierte Strategiebewertung vor dem Hintergrund der digitalen Transformation von Unternehmen. DBA thesis Middlesex University / KMU Akademie & Management AG Business School
TypeDBA thesis
TitleGeschäftsmodellbasierte Strategiebewertung vor dem Hintergrund der digitalen Transformation von Unternehmen
AuthorsBlaschke, R.

Digital transformation significantly impacts the economy and labour market, with the highest level of maturity achieved through the introduction of new business models. Business models are crucial for companies, as they determine the commercial success of products and services. Selecting an appropriate business model is a major decision for businesses and poses challenges for strategic management due to a lack of solid evaluation criteria.

This thesis investigates the suitability of existing business model approaches as evaluation methods in strategic management and explores how an appropriate process can be developed for strategy selection. To address the knowledge gap concerning evaluation methods for business models and strategies, analysis criteria are derived. The research identifies requirements for a business model-based evaluation process and assesses the applicability of methods found in publications for strategy selection in general, and specifically in the context of digital transformation.

A business model-based approach for evaluating strategies in strategic management is developed, considering the challenges of modern management in the digital era. This theoretically designed evaluation process serves as the foundation for the empirical study, which aims to understand expert opinions on it. The study investigates how experts evaluate the process in light of digital transformation and what changes they recommend.

The empirical study involves selecting and interviewing business model experts and decision-makers in companies, using a guideline-based expert interview. The data is systematically analysed using qualitative methods. The empirical findings contribute to the evaluation and refinement of the theoretically designed evaluation process.

The research combines theoretical knowledge with empirical results, leading to the presentation of recommendations for the proper application of the evaluation process. The outcome of this study is a theoretically robust and empirically validated business model-based evaluation process for strategic management in the context of digital transformation. The designed evaluation process allows for the assessment of business models and the derivation of potential strategy options.

Sustainable Development Goals9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Middlesex University ThemeCreativity, Culture & Enterprise
Department nameBusiness School
Institution nameMiddlesex University / KMU Akademie & Management AG
Collaborating institutionKMU Akademie & Management AG
PublisherMiddlesex University Research Repository
Publication dates
Online01 Mar 2024
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Accepted06 Jun 2023
Deposited01 Mar 2024
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