Testing a seven-approach strategic management model for business success in practice

DBA thesis

Hafed, M. 2023. Testing a seven-approach strategic management model for business success in practice. DBA thesis Middlesex University Business School
TypeDBA thesis
TitleTesting a seven-approach strategic management model for business success in practice
AuthorsHafed, M.

Aims and objectives
The purpose of my DBA research project is to test a strategic management model on a water-bottling company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The project’s impact should be observed in four main objectives. The first objective is to turnaround the performance of the company leading to profitability and better return on investment (ROI). This will be achieved through equipping the company with a model that utilises effective strategic tools to run the business more efficiently. It, in turn, allows for predictive crisis-management rather than managing by crisis.

The second main objective pertains my personal professional advancement. The success of the project will add to my track record of turning around companies’ performances. In addition, I will realize a lifelong dream of obtaining the doctorate designation in a field I am passionate about.

The third main objective is novel and useful contribution to the knowledge in the field. This will start by designing and testing a strategic model that can be followed to boost the performance of a local Saudi company. The importance of this is due to the obvious lack in the research literature highlighting the impact of strategic management on companies in KSA. In addition, the success of my seven-approach strategic model will not only impact the water-bottling company tested, it can be utilized in any other businesses in different industries, sizes, and countries. The model also addresses the ‘insider’ versus ‘outsider’ predicament by eliminating the embedded culture and unifying the language within the departments of the company leading to better synergies and cooperation.

The final objective is to make strategic management a fundamental pillar in any company in developing nations. KSA is a country where numerous local and privately-owned businesses do not place enough emphasis on strategic management. Thus, I hope that my project would affect other companies and policy makers to ensure that strategic management is the norm in any business; regardless of industry or size.

Sustainable Development Goals9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Middlesex University ThemeCreativity, Culture & Enterprise
Department nameBusiness School
Business and Law
Institution nameMiddlesex University
PublisherMiddlesex University Research Repository
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Online20 Mar 2024
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Accepted06 Sep 2023
Deposited20 Mar 2024
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