New Work: Exchange of Views; Over to You I, II, III; Sound of Breaking Glass.

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Broadhead, C. 2006. New Work: Exchange of Views; Over to You I, II, III; Sound of Breaking Glass. Barrett Marsden Gallery, London 2006
Title of workNew Work: Exchange of Views; Over to You I, II, III; Sound of Breaking Glass.
CreatorsBroadhead, C.

Following on from previous exhibitions at Barrett Marsden Gallery (Chiaroscuro, 2000; Court, 2002), this body of work explored continuing concerns with the boundaries between self and non self, public and private spaces and ways objects can engage and invite interaction. The work used the language of materials and processes and the aesthetic of simple, distilled images with strong visual impact.
Three major, new works used commonplace elements: window, net curtain and shadow, that signify a sense of territory. These explored the act of looking and the perspective of the viewer. Exchange of Views was an image of an outsized net curtain, made of hundreds of mirrored fragments, which offered oscillating views of both curtain image and reflected images, and acted as a divide into real and unreal, accessible and inaccessible space.
Another work, Sound of Breaking Glass, comprised unique images printed from inked window glass and each journey through the press caused the glass to break further; they track disintegration and fragmentation through material and process. These were made during a residency at Pilchuck Glass School (May 2006). Pilchuck invites accomplished visual artists in all media to contribute to the artistic richness of the centre.
Dr Tessa Adams's essay accompanied the exhibition (downloadable). Her special interest is the way in which psychoanalytic assumptions frame creative experience. She is Visiting Fellow, Goldsmiths College, and Art Theorist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, co-editor of The Feminine Case: Jung, Aesthetics and Creative Process, published by Karnac.
Review: Selvedge magazine, Dr Jessica Hemmings, issue 15.
The works toured to subsequent venues:
Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and Museum, Swansea, 8/02-1/42007
SOFT, Norwegian Textile Artists, Oslo, Norway, 25/08-7/10/2007 (British Council funded).

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Exhibition titleNew Work: Exchange of Views.
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Print13 Oct 2006
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Deposited14 Nov 2008
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