Impact of networking.


Watt, J. 2006. Impact of networking. Newcastle upon Tyne The Artists Information Company.
TitleImpact of networking.
AuthorsWatt, J.

How do theories of connectivity apply to and impact artists' practices? Impact of Networking is the second of two evaluation and report publications that I researched and wrote on the impact of Networking Artists Network (NAN). This is the Artists Network's first publication.
NAN is a nationwide initiative set up by a-n The Artists Information Company in 2003 with additional funding from Arts Council England (ACE), Scottish Arts Council (SAC), Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and European Social Funding.
Research questions included:
• What specific networking needs has NAN identified for individual as well as groups of artists?
• How has NAN implemented a network of artists' networks?
• How does NAN's model of networking artists networks relate to current social networking theory and practice?
• Using first person evidence, what is the impact of NAN on artists' practice?
Qualitative research was carried out through focused interviews with eighteen artists, three advisors and funding officers. Quantitative analysis of NAN's records and statistics was also carried out.
NAN's ethos and approach were examined in relation to current social networking thinking including Putman (2000)'s notion of social capital, McCarthy et. al (eds. 2004) DEMOS publication Network Logic: who governs an interconnected world?, iSociety (2003) You don't know me but… Social Capital and Social Software.
Impact of Networking was an evaluative document that specifically aimed to analyse the efficacy of NAN through the artist's experience of networking practices. The report examined good practice in networking artists' networks and suggested future directions for NAN's scope and methodology. Both this and the previous report were published and distributed to over 32,000 artists nationwide, and used as discussion documents for future artist network policy with ACE and DEMOS.
Research Assistant Charlie Fox's ‘Networking – the artist without the studio' (pp8-9) is included in the publication.

PublisherThe Artists Information Company
Place of publicationNewcastle upon Tyne
Publication dates
Print01 Apr 2006
Publication process dates
Deposited16 Dec 2008
Output statusPublished
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