Innovation management: a subjective process.


Brown, C. and Frame, P. 2006. Innovation management: a subjective process. International journal of management concepts and philosophy.. 2 (3), pp. 209-223.
TitleInnovation management: a subjective process.
AuthorsBrown, C. and Frame, P.

This research article explores the role of subjectivity in innovation
management, by discussing the important impact that group symbolic
interpretation has on their interpretative systems, and the relationship this
has on group collective actions. This article presents initial research findings
that support the positive contribution that cognitively mapping groups’
sensemaking and understanding of relationships between their symbolic
interpretation of organisational events, and innovative outcomes, and their
subsequent collective actions, can have. The article concludes by discussing the
implications for future innovation management in uncertain and ambiguous
environments, and particularly the role that the development and mapping
of this innovation and learning process framework can have on groups’
cognitive and affective commitment to cross-functional product innovation
activities. This has significant implications for senior management, and the
nature, and role, of project-based innovators for future New Product
Developments (NPDs).

PublisherInderscience Enterprises
JournalInternational journal of management concepts and philosophy.
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Deposited26 Feb 2009
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