The CDS/ISIS handbook


Hopkinson, A. and Buxton, A. 1994. The CDS/ISIS handbook. London Library Association Publishing (Facet Publishing).
TitleThe CDS/ISIS handbook
AuthorsHopkinson, A. and Buxton, A.

Micro CDS/ISIS, developed by the UNESCO General Information Programme, is one of the most widely used information retrieval software packages worldwide, with over 10,000 users. Designed to complement the reference manual supplied with the package, this Handbook provides a user-friendly introduction to CDS/ISIS, arranged in the order that a beginner would need to follow. Topics not covered in the reference material are also included. The Handbook will be of value not only to existing users who want to get more out of the software but also to individuals or organizations wishing to evaluate the package for use or when recommending software as part of a consultancy.

PublisherLibrary Association Publishing (Facet Publishing)
Place of publicationLondon
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Deposited26 Oct 2009
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