Making inefficient market indices efficient.


Clark, E., Jokung, O. and Kassimitis, K. 2011. Making inefficient market indices efficient. European Journal Of Operational Research. 209 (1), pp. 83-93.
TitleMaking inefficient market indices efficient.
AuthorsClark, E., Jokung, O. and Kassimitis, K.

This paper uses the concept of Marginal Conditional Stochastic Dominance and a generalization of the 50% Portfolio Rule to develop a tractable and parsimonious methodology for constructing a second degree Stochastic Dominance (SSD) efficient portfolio from a given, inefficient index. Because the SSD approach considers the entire probability distributions of asset returns, the resulting portfolios are efficient with respect to all risk-averse, utility-maximizing investors regardless of the form of their utility functions or the distributions of asset returns.

JournalEuropean Journal Of Operational Research
Publication dates
PrintFeb 2011
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Deposited04 Feb 2011
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