Room to read

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Shaw, P. 2011. Room to read. Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Conway Street London W1
Title of workRoom to read
CreatorsShaw, P.

An exhibition of 16 prints with an accompanying auction in support of the 'Room to Read' foundation at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Conway St, London W1. commencing 11.05.2011. The prints in this show explore and examine themes connected with visual and linguistic paradox, ambiguity, self reference and self contradition.
The 'Room to Read' foundation is an international charity whose aim is to provide books and literacy support to children in the developing world. I have been invited by the foundation to form an exhibition which will accompany an auction to raise funds for the charity. A specially comissioned print designed for this event (entitled 'Room to read'and attached to this submission) will also be used for the invitation and other publicity materials.

Output media12 Limited edition fine art prints
Exhibition titleRoom To Read
Publication process dates
Deposited14 Apr 2011
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