The Guattari effect.


Alliez, E. and Goffey, A. 2011. The Guattari effect. London Continuum.
TitleThe Guattari effect.
AuthorsAlliez, E. and Goffey, A.

The Guattari Effect brings together internationally renowned experts on the work of the French psychoanalyst, philosopher and political activist Félix Guattari with philosophers, psychoanalysts, sociologists and artists who have been influenced by Guattari’s thought.
Best known for his collaborative work with Gilles Deleuze, Guattari’s own writings are still a relatively unmined resource in continental philosophy. Many of his books have not yet been translated into English. Yet his influence has been considerable and far-reaching. This book explores the full spectrum of Guattari’s work, reassessing its contemporary significance and giving due weight to his highly innovative contributions to a variety of fields, including linguistics, economics, pragmatics, ecology, aesthetics and media theory. Readers grappling with the ideas of contemporary continental philosophers such as Badiou, Žižek and Rancière will at last be able to see Guattari as the ‘extraordinary philosopher’ Deleuze claimed him to be, with his distinctive radical ideas about the epoch of global ‘deterritorialization’ we live in today, forged within the practical contexts of revolutionary politics and the materialist critique of psychoanalysis.

Place of publicationLondon
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PrintJun 2011
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Deposited13 Apr 2011
Output statusPublished
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The Introduction to this collection of essays has also been written by the two editors.

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