Flora data.

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Myers, J. 2011. Flora data. Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge 2011
Title of workFlora data.
CreatorsMyers, J.

Flora Data is a series of animated drawings that respond to environmental data. Created in collaboration with scientists from the Computer Science and Plant Science departments at Cambridge University, UK, and exhibited at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge.
The work was created during a 3 month funded residency at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, and presented as part of the Cambridge Conflab, an alternative conference of performance, screenings, walking tours and texts (Jan 2011
Flora Data feeds directly into current research surrounding visualisation of relational and statistical data. Building upon investigations by artist and designers such as: Aaron Koblin, Flight Path (2009), Martin Wattenberg and Fenanda Viegan Flow Media (2010) and Pedro Miguel Cruz, Lisbons Blood Vessels (2011), The Morphing City (2010).

Output mediaAnimated drawings
Exhibition titleFlora data
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Deposited13 Apr 2011
Web address (URL)http://www.flickr.com/photos/44754050@N07/5525473851/in/set-72157626138163195
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