Development of the Federal National Council in UAE.

Masters thesis

Taryam, M. 2011. Development of the Federal National Council in UAE. Masters thesis Middlesex University Health and Social Sciences
TypeMasters thesis
TitleDevelopment of the Federal National Council in UAE.
AuthorsTaryam, M.

This Masters level project will embark on proposals for clarifying and enhancing the role of the FNC and how best it can be more inclusive and representative of public opinion. The study will also propose evidenced and concrete recommendations to the decision makers for further action to develop and upgrade the FNC in a manner that best suits and serves the goals and aims of a closely knotted tribal community that has become a country that aims to continue to be prosperous, seeks to uphold justice and is committed to peace – the United Arab Emirates.
These are broadly the questions that constituted a considerable part of my project that have been structured to the scope of a project to meet the Masters’ criteria:
1. What are the most important constitutional amendments that are believed needed to develop the tasks of the Federal National Council particularly from the viewpoint of the Federal National Council members and recognised political commentators?
2. What is the perceived role of the FNC and its relationship to individual governments in the UAE?
3. Have in the past FNC members reflected in discussions local matters pertaining to the individual Emirate they represent? How many agendas are there in the role of the FNC and how can these agendas be given sufficient and balanced coverage? E.g. federal and local agendas.
4. Has the absence of women from the FNC membership up to 2006 led to the absence of women’s issues from the agendas of the FNC? And what is being done to redress this?

Research GroupLaw and Politics
Department nameHealth and Social Sciences
Institution nameMiddlesex University
Publication dates
Print09 May 2011
Publication process dates
Deposited09 May 2011
CompletedMar 2011
Output statusPublished
Additional information

A project submitted to Middlesex University in partial fulfiment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Professional Studies (MProf in Politiocal Science and legislation).

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