Recent developments in relevance theory

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Clark, B. 2011. Recent developments in relevance theory. in: Grundy, P. and Archer, D. (ed.) The pragmatics reader London, UK Routledge. pp. 129-137
Chapter titleRecent developments in relevance theory
AuthorsClark, B.

This paper summarises recent developments in one of the most influential current theories of pragmatics: Relevance Theory. There have been many significant developments in Relevance Theory, and in pragmatics more generally, since Diane Blakemore’s 1995 handbook entry (reprinted in this volume). Debates about the nature and goals of pragmatic theory have been explored within individual frameworks and across different ones. There has also been considerable development within Relevance Theory. These include adjustments to the theory itself, new and adapted accounts of particular linguistic and non-linguistic phenomena, new ways of testing and new ways of applying the theory. A small selection of these are mentioned here.

Research GroupEnglish Language and Literature
Page range129-137
Book titleThe pragmatics reader
EditorsGrundy, P. and Archer, D.
Place of publicationLondon, UK
Hardcover9780415546591 (hbk) ; 978-0415546607 (pbk)
Publication dates
Print05 Apr 2011
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Deposited25 May 2012
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