'Fiction, Friction and other stories'

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Shaw, P. 2011. 'Fiction, Friction and other stories'. Rebecca Hossack Gallery 262 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012, USA T (212) 925-3500
Title of work'Fiction, Friction and other stories'
CreatorsShaw, P.

A solo exhibition of 16 limited edition prints and 4 3d objects on themes related to knowledge (what is knowable) information (what is reliable) and authority (what is verifiable). The work follows on from my exhibition in London last year and seeks to examine further the nature of what we call 'fact and fiction' sometimes using contradictory visual and/or textual elements sometimes employing 'managed' coincidence, paradoxes puns and discontinuities. The work often embodies an overt of partially occluded criticism of accepted 'truths' and suggest the possibility of surprising and occasionally bizarre alternatives.

Output medialimited edition (45) 8 colour prints
Exhibition titleFiction, Friction and other stories
First publicly available date
PrintOct 2011
Publication process dates
Deposited22 Jun 2011
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