Jeanette Winterson: interrogating masculinity with violence

Conference paper

Makinen, M. 2011. Jeanette Winterson: interrogating masculinity with violence. Jeanette Winterson: a critical exploration. University of Leeds 02 - 03 Jul 2011
TypeConference paper
TitleJeanette Winterson: interrogating masculinity with violence
AuthorsMakinen, M.

Jeanette Winterson is known for the way she questions gender categories and confounds expectations of the feminine, from Villanelle’s active swashbuckling to the Dog Woman’s casual violence, from the unknown narrator of Written on the Body who rejects gendered identity to the fluid interplay of the narrator of The PowerBook shuffling between masculine and feminine via the engorged tulip, Winterson is someone we look to for texts that can unpack gender stereotypes. Her self-reflexive post modern texts deconstruct the divisions between masculinity and femininity.

Research GroupEnglish Language and Literature
ConferenceJeanette Winterson: a critical exploration
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Deposited27 Jul 2011
Completed01 Jan 2011
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