Translation as a means of ideological struggle

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Delistathi, C. 2011. Translation as a means of ideological struggle. in: Asimakoulas, D. and Rogers, M. (ed.) Translation and opposition Clevedon Multilingual Matters.. pp. 204-222
Chapter titleTranslation as a means of ideological struggle
AuthorsDelistathi, C.

This chapter explores the relationship between the translation of the Communist Manifesto into Greek issued by the Communist Party of Greece in 1933, and its contemporary political context. More specifically, it investigates two issues: firstly, the ways in which ideological struggles between counter-hegemonic forces for the 'ownership' of Marxism conditioned paratextual features and translational decisions in the target text (TT); and, secondly, how the (para)textual specificities, in conjunction with tranlsation criticism, aimed to influence the reception of the TT with a view to establishing a particular translation of the Communist Manifesto as the only correct one.

Page range204-222
Book titleTranslation and opposition
EditorsAsimakoulas, D. and Rogers, M.
PublisherMultilingual Matters.
Place of publicationClevedon
Publication dates
PrintAug 2011
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Deposited10 Aug 2011
Output statusPublished
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