ParaSites: new propositions

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Nuhn, R. and Colle, C. 2011. ParaSites: new propositions. in: Lasker, G., Dack, J. and Dogantan-Dack, M. (ed.) Music and Sonic Art: practices and theories. Ontario The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics.
Chapter titleParaSites: new propositions
AuthorsNuhn, R. and Colle, C.

The ongoing, practice-led research project ParaSites explores the potential of using behaviours and strategies of parasites as a model for sculptural propositions in the built environment and investigates how these interventions might resonate with architectural, urban, historical and socio-cultural issues. We treat the term parasitism both literally and metaphorically, and are particularly inspired by Michel Serres’ philosophical writing "The Parasite" (2007). Considering its different significations in French language (biological, social, static/noise), Serres uses the parasite to extrapolate ideas about human relations, society, history and communication while emphasising its destabilising and transformative powers. With this in mind, we are keen to explore the potential of using the polysemic notion of the parasite as an integrated conceptual framework and methodological tool to feed new sculptural interventions, and to investigate their impact on our relationship with the built environment (sonic, visual, structural, historical, ecological, symbolic and socio-cultural).
"ParaSites: New Propositions" presents a preliminary artistic intervention at a dilapidated edifice in Paris which has initiated this ongoing research. This is followed by a discussion of the theoretical framework that has evolved from this, originally rather intuitive, practical investigation. We then introduce two new artistic propositions which have been developed within the context of this research and debate to what extent they correspond with and/or elicit our theoretical ideas.

Research GroupElectronic and Digital Arts cluster
Book titleMusic and Sonic Art: practices and theories.
EditorsLasker, G., Dack, J. and Dogantan-Dack, M.
PublisherThe International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics
Place of publicationOntario
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Deposited16 Sep 2011
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