Developing a Strategy for Increasing the Efficiency of the Marketing of Selected Agricultural Produce in the United Arab Emirates.

Masters thesis

Alshamry, N. 1994. Developing a Strategy for Increasing the Efficiency of the Marketing of Selected Agricultural Produce in the United Arab Emirates. Masters thesis Middlesex University Middlesex University Business School
TypeMasters thesis
TitleDeveloping a Strategy for Increasing the Efficiency of the Marketing of Selected Agricultural Produce in the United Arab Emirates.
AuthorsAlshamry, N.

This thesis investigates the reasons why the level of wastage of agricultural output, particularly of fruit and vegetables, is very high in the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi Municipality in particular, and the role of marketing in the situation. The Abu Dhabi agricultural region was used as the case-study for the investigation.
After some literature review, the study examines the performance of the agricultural sector in the UAE since the establishment of agricultural policies geared towards developing the sector. The findings show that the sector has developed very rapidly, resulting in increased output over the
years. The agricultural policies of the government are effective in encouraging farmers to produce more output through intensive and extensive farming.
The main findings of the research are divided into two. First, the findings show that marketing of fruit and vegetables is very poor in the Abu Municipality. The government policy of purchasing whatever farmers produce to encourage agricultural development has meant a huge increase in production but this has not been matched by the form and level of marketing of the products. There is absolutely no promotion of local fruit and vegetables, the packaging, labelling and presentation are poor, the distribution channels are poorly managed and the pricing system has no bearing on the cost structure of agricultural activity or competition in the market. Above all, no marketing research is undertaken to understand the market and its requirements and, more so, to build up a marketing database and information flow for marketing planning. However, no marketing plan has every been developed for the marketing of fruit and vegetables in Abu
Secondly, the finding~ "h,,'" .. 1.. _L - ---=~_~oh level of wastage of fruit and vegetables occurs in .e Abu Dhabi Municipality.
Over 50% of the output of fruit and vegetables in the past three years up to 1992 were spoiled or
left over and dumped as wastage. Findings also show that the main causes of the wastage are lack of effective marketing, promotion and presentation of local fruit and vegetables, a poor distribution system, lack of appropriate
training and knowledge about the handling, packaging and storage of fruit and vegetables, the lack of import control and export outlets and uncontrolled government incentive policies and instruments.
The increasing level of wastage now constitutes a major problem in the UAE.
Given the findings, it was recommended that the government reviewed its incentive policies, particularly those relating to purchase arrangements, training facilities, pricing and support services. Effort should be put into commencing marketing research to build up a useful database for planning
and control of agricultural production and marketing. Much effort should be invested in developing an effective marketing and promotion of local fruit VI and vegetables while export outlets are investigated and exploited. Some
'--r- import control is desirable while the current distribution system is reviewed to reduce the time it takes to deliver products from Collection Centres to the Central Collection Centre.
The study concludes by summarising the findings and stressing the need for further research i? the area of agricultural development in the UAE.

Department nameMiddlesex University Business School
Institution nameMiddlesex University
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Print13 May 2013
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Deposited13 May 2013
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