Right wing politics in the New Latin America - reaction and revolt


Dominguez, F., Lievesley, G. and Ludlam, S. (ed.) 2011. Right wing politics in the New Latin America - reaction and revolt. London, United Kingdom Zed Books.
TitleRight wing politics in the New Latin America - reaction and revolt
EditorsDominguez, F., Lievesley, G. and Ludlam, S.

The focus for students of Latin America in the past decade has been on the political forces of the left and the so-called 'pink tide' presidencies attempting to bring about social and economic change in the region. However, there has been far less attention paid to the rightwing political forces resisting such change. Such opposition is being orchestrated by political parties, business, the private media and other social and cultural institutions and is linked to the 'soft power' of US diplomacy. In recent years its activities have often appeared to challenge the democratic process itself.
Based on a variety of original fieldwork and evidence, this volume addresses the current trajectories of rightwing politics in Latin America in the face of leftist governments, the discrediting of neoliberalism, and the decline of US hegemony. It includes chapters on US policy towards Latin America; the role of US-based think-tanks; the influence of transnational business and of the private media; as well as offering country-specific chapters on key states with rightwing governments and on opposition to left-of-centre governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.
A revealing and important book for anyone interested in contemporary Latin American politics.

Research GroupLaw and Politics
PublisherZed Books
Place of publicationLondon, United Kingdom
Publication dates
Print10 Nov 2011
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Deposited07 Mar 2013
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Web address (URL)https://www.zedbooks.net/shop/book/right-wing-politics-in-the-new-latin-america/
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