Intergenerational transmission of ‘religious capital’. Evidence from Spain


Branas-Garza, P., García-Muñoz, T. and Neuman, S. 2011. Intergenerational transmission of ‘religious capital’. Evidence from Spain. Revista Internacional de Sociologia (RIS). 69 (3), pp. 649-677.
TitleIntergenerational transmission of ‘religious capital’. Evidence from Spain
AuthorsBranas-Garza, P., García-Muñoz, T. and Neuman, S.

This paper examines intergenerational transmission of ‘religious capital’ from parents to their offspring within an economic framework. The analytical tool is a ‘production function of religiosity’ where parental religious inputs serve as factors of production. The database used is based on a large-scale survey that was conducted in 1998 in Spain. In addition to information on the religious affiliation of the respondent and his parents, it has detailed data on two dimensions of the individual’s religious performance: church attendance and prayer. It also includes information on the mother’s and father’s church attendance when the respondent was a child,
as well as the respondent’s participation in mass services at the age of 12. Socio-economic background data are also available. The core findings are: (i) parental religious inputs significantly affect individuals’ religiosity; (ii) interestingly, the route of intergenerational transmission is from mother to daughter and from father to son; and (iii) current mass participation of respondents is more affected by parental- than by own childhood mass attendance.

KeywordsCatholic, church attendance, intergenerational transmission, prayer, production
PublisherConsejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)
JournalRevista Internacional de Sociologia (RIS)
Publication dates
PrintSep 2011
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Deposited15 Apr 2013
Output statusPublished
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