Deciphering 'Islamic hospitality': developments, challenges and opportunities


Stephenson, M. 2014. Deciphering 'Islamic hospitality': developments, challenges and opportunities. Tourism Management. 40, pp. 155-164.
TitleDeciphering 'Islamic hospitality': developments, challenges and opportunities
AuthorsStephenson, M.

This paper examines the principles and practices of Islamic hospitality, outlining the diverse ways in which Islam intersects with ‘hospitality’ and the ‘hospitality industry’. The intangible elements of Islamic hospitality are initially discussed, particularly the importance of the host–guest relationship and differing cultural interpretations. The discussion then evaluates the tangible aspects of Islamic hospitality through identifying trends, developments and challenges within the hotel sector, the food production and service sector, and the festivals and events sector. The work adopts a global perspective, examining Islamic hospitality with reference to both OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) countries and non-OIC countries. The paper also considers new sector opportunities and acknowledges the social difficulties associated with the development of Islamic hospitality within the Western world, notably Islamophobia. Finally, the paper indicates ways forward for future research.

JournalTourism Management
Publication dates
Online29 Jun 2013
Print01 Feb 2014
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Deposited20 Dec 2013
Accepted07 May 2013
Output statusPublished
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Available online 29 June 2013

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