An approach to increasing awareness of IAQ

DProf thesis

Riggs, J. 2014. An approach to increasing awareness of IAQ. DProf thesis Middlesex University School of Science and Technology
TypeDProf thesis
TitleAn approach to increasing awareness of IAQ
AuthorsRiggs, J.

This project explores the approach to increasing the awareness of indoor air quality using a literature research to evaluate historical context, critiquing combined contaminants, reviewing fragrances, appraising awareness, resources and government policy, both UK and Worldwide. Two surveys were conducted with local authorities and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Practitioners in order to explore risk perception and awareness within a real world situation.
The literature research and project activities raised further discussion points regarding the application of risk management, cost effective modelling, impact of body burden, the increase trend of scent marketing, understanding and influencing society risk perception and evaluation of the leadership of IAQ at local and government levels. This project highlights some key recommendations including the requirement to label products, particularly products like perfume who claim brand protection, to enable the consumer to understand the ingredients and make choices about their purchases; Funding for the development of bio-monitoring and multi-pollutant frameworks to build on existing silo contaminant research and create a harmonised and structured approach in understanding psychological and physiological impact interactions from a mixture of pollutants; And the establishment of an IAQ body to lead and engage stakeholders to deliver effective IAQ models. As a legacy of the project, the first accredited IOSH UK IAQ certificate and website was developed, implemented and appraised.
This project is submitted as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Professional Studies with an overall programme plan of ‘setting the agenda and raising awareness of IAQ within the UK’.

Keywordsindoor air quality
Department nameSchool of Science and Technology
Institution nameMiddlesex University
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Print10 Jun 2014
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Deposited10 Jun 2014
CompletedMar 2014
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