Realization of fully distributed RC networks using thick film technology

Masters thesis

Motamedi-Azari, M. 1983. Realization of fully distributed RC networks using thick film technology. Masters thesis Middlesex Polytechnic
TypeMasters thesis
TitleRealization of fully distributed RC networks using thick film technology
AuthorsMotamedi-Azari, M.

The problems associated with the fabrication of Fully
Distributed RC (FDRC) networks using thick film techniques have been discussed. Also, a comprehensive investigation into the fabrication of fully distributed RC networks has been carried out in which a series of resistor-dielectric ink combinations were examined for compatibility. The investigations resulted in the successful fabrication of thick film FDRC devices.
It must be mentioned, however, that the conventional methods
of trimming could not be used in view of the fact that the first
resistor layer of the FDRC network is completely covered with a layer of dielectric and that the physical shape and size of the distributed network should not be changed by trimming. The high voltage pulse trimming technique was therefore examined in detail since it neither required accessibility to the surface of the resistor nor did it change the physical shape of the resistors. A suitable electronic circuit was designed for this purpose and was used to adjust the values of several fully distributed RC components.
The manufactured thick film FDRC devices was examined in
various electronic networks such as multivibrators, phase shift
oscillators and active filters with successful results.

Institution nameMiddlesex Polytechnic
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Print06 Feb 2015
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Deposited06 Feb 2015
CompletedJun 1983
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