Teaching as an artistic practice

PhD thesis

Ward, H. 2014. Teaching as an artistic practice. PhD thesis Middlesex University School of Health and Education
TypePhD thesis
Doctorate by public works thesis
TitleTeaching as an artistic practice
AuthorsWard, H.

I am presenting a collection of 3 volumes, and a folio containing the first five issues of Æ (The Arts and Education periodical I founded in 2011). The volumes cover elements of my practice. The intention is to present the audience with an overview of my work over the last thirteen years and to provide the content to enable a contextual understanding of my work in relation to the notion of ‘Teaching as an Artistic Practice’. The volumes are: Collected Writings 2000-2013; Selected Projects 2002-2013; 3 Essays - Art as a Vehicle for Cross-curricular Practice; The School as a Gallery; Vito & Me – A Collaboration with Harold Offeh and the Tate Modern.
In presenting a cross-section of the work I have been engaged with for the last thirteen years, I intend to demonstrate how my work has developed into teaching as a form of contemporary art practice. Contemporary as socially responsible, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and multi-thematic. Any teacher who is concerned with relevance must tackle the contemporary. This is an account of my practice and an attempt to understand it. The exemplification of many of the claims made in this statement are to be found in the accompanying volumes.
These are the evidence of my practice as an artist.

Department nameSchool of Health and Education
Institution nameMiddlesex University
Publication dates
Print06 Mar 2015
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Deposited06 Mar 2015
CompletedOct 2014
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