Social networks and research output


Ductor, L., Fafchamps, M., Goyal, S. and Van der Leij, M. 2014. Social networks and research output. The Review of Economics and Statistics. 96 (5), pp. 936-948.
TitleSocial networks and research output
AuthorsDuctor, L., Fafchamps, M., Goyal, S. and Van der Leij, M.

We study how knowledge about the social network of an individual researcher - as embodied in his coauthor relations - helps us in developing a more accurate prediction of his future productivity. We find that incorporating information about coauthor networks
leads to a modest improvement in the accuracy of forecasts on individual output, over and above what we can predict based on the knowledge of past individual output. Second, we find that the informativeness of networks dissipates over the lifetime of a researcher's career. This suggests that the signalling content of the network is quantitatively more important than the flow of ideas.

PublisherMIT Press Journals
JournalThe Review of Economics and Statistics
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Online12 Nov 2013
PrintDec 2014
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Deposited08 Apr 2015
Accepted03 May 2013
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