Water quality and treatment

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Ellis, J. 2014. Water quality and treatment. in: Booth, C. and Charlesworth, S. (ed.) Water resources in the built environment: management issues and solutions Oxford. UK WileyBlackwell. pp. 72-91
Chapter titleWater quality and treatment
AuthorsEllis, J.

The evolution of a risk-based approach to UK drinking water resources is described with a recognition that upgraded treatment must be accompanied by water demand control measures and improved catchment management with closer coordination between land use and water resource planning. It is difficult to see how prevention and reversal of upward trends in nitrate and chloride as required under the EU Water Framework Directive can be realistically achieved for much of the chalk aquifer of S E England. Delayed releases are still passing through the unsaturated zone in the Thames Basin which may take another 50 – 60 years to reach the underlying water table. A national strategic overview of the quality and capacity of water infrastructure is necessary to ensure a sustainable and affordable future service delivery.

Page range72-91
Book titleWater resources in the built environment: management issues and solutions
EditorsBooth, C. and Charlesworth, S.
Place of publicationOxford. UK
Publication dates
PrintApr 2014
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Deposited19 May 2015
Output statusPublished
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