Crossover culture: popular music and the politics of "race".


Jones, S. 1993. Crossover culture: popular music and the politics of "race". Stanford Humanities Review. 3 (2), pp. 103-117.
TitleCrossover culture: popular music and the politics of "race".
AuthorsJones, S.

Popular music has long been a site of communication across ethnic and racial categories. These interactions, however, have never been "neutral" processes of exchange, but politically charged, complicated by economic and cultural power relationships, and rendered problematic by racism. This article examines some of the cultural and political effects of these processes, particularly within the cultures of young people in Britain and the United States.

KeywordsPopular Music, Race, Youth Culture, Rap, Reggae, Crossover
Research GroupMusic group
JournalStanford Humanities Review
Publication dates
Print12 Sep 1993
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Deposited24 Sep 2015
Accepted10 Jan 1993
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