Prefigurative performance in the age of political deception


Johansson, O. 2017. Prefigurative performance in the age of political deception. The Drama Review. 61 (1), pp. 81-98.
TitlePrefigurative performance in the age of political deception
AuthorsJohansson, O.

The most notable forms of activism in recent years, prefigurative interventions and occupations, are comparable to theatrical performance by embodying, situating and interacting hypothetical scenarios. The mutual points of political performance lies in open-ended, horizontal performance practices such as site-sensitive interventions, tactical media, applied theatre and cognate modes of interactive performance. Whilst several examples of such overlapping performance phenomena are given and justified in the article, the political disciplines also face mutual challenges from hegemonic politics and thus share a need to adapt their performative effects into sustainable social movements.

Research GroupCentre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts (ResCen)
PublisherMIT Press
JournalThe Drama Review
Publication dates
Online27 Feb 2017
Print30 Mar 2017
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Deposited12 May 2016
Submitted10 Apr 2016
Accepted01 Jul 2016
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