Drawing things together

Book chapter

Clark, B. 2017. Drawing things together. in: Depraetere, I. and Salkie, R. (ed.) Semantics and Pragmatics: Drawing A Line Berlin Springer.
Chapter titleDrawing things together
AuthorsClark, B.

This chapter considers some of the ways in which the chapters in this volume contribute to ongoing debates on semantics and pragmatics and some of the directions they suggest for future research. Many of the contributions can be understood as being about exploring existing connections and developing new ones. Some of the chapters explore and develop understanding of existing connections, some make new connections, and some explore contrasting views. All of the work demonstrates the benefits of bringing theorists from different backgrounds together and developing a fuller conversation.

Research GroupEnglish Language and Literature
Book titleSemantics and Pragmatics: Drawing A Line
EditorsDepraetere, I. and Salkie, R.
Place of publicationBerlin
SeriesLogic, Argumentation and Reasoning
Publication dates
Online27 Mar 2017
Publication process dates
Deposited06 Jun 2016
Accepted31 May 2016
Web address (URL)http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319322452
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