Union membership and charitable giving in the United States


Booth, J., Lup, D. and Williams, M. 2017. Union membership and charitable giving in the United States. Industrial and labor relations review. 70 (4), pp. 835-864. https://doi.org/10.1177/0019793916677595
TitleUnion membership and charitable giving in the United States
AuthorsBooth, J., Lup, D. and Williams, M.

Using U.S. panel data from 2001-2011, the authors examine general differences in charitable giving between union members, free-riders, and the nonunionized. Results indicate that union members are more likely to give and to give more to charity relative to the nonunionized, whereas free-riders are the least generous. Similar effects are found when examining the question of who joins a union or who becomes a free-rider: joining a union positively affects charitable giving, while becoming a free-rider makes individuals' behavior less charitable. Evidence also suggests that the positive effect of union membership on giving does not diminish over time. Taken together, these results provide new evidence that union membership generates civic engagement in the form of charitable behavior; results also suggest the need to further investigate the civic behavior of free-riders.

PublisherSAGE for Cornell University
JournalIndustrial and labor relations review
Publication dates
Online03 Nov 2016
Print01 Aug 2017
Publication process dates
Deposited16 Feb 2017
Accepted04 May 2016
Output statusPublished
Accepted author manuscript
Copyright Statement

Jonathan E. Booth, Daniela Lup, Mark Williams, Union Membership and Charitable Giving in the United States, ILR Review (Vol 70, Issue 4) pp. 835 - 864. Copyright © 2016 The Authors. Reprinted by permission of SAGE Publications.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1177/0019793916677595
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