Essays on delegation and social norms

PhD thesis

Ezquerra Guerra, L. 2017. Essays on delegation and social norms. PhD thesis Middlesex University Economics
TypePhD thesis
TitleEssays on delegation and social norms
AuthorsEzquerra Guerra, L.

This thesis presents the results of my doctoral studies at Middlesex University London. It contains different papers related to Labour Markets and presents some results on production, delegation and dishonest behaviour. The first study compares how group size interacts with both constrained and un-constrained resource environments, finding that resource limitations diminish production over time and that all the groups learn with experience. The second explores the effects of incentives in dishonest behaviour in both the gain and loss domain finding that contrary to theoretical predictions, subjects do not cheat more when they are facing a loss. The third, studies the distributions derived from different delegation scenarios. We find that the distributions derived from optional delegation are more egalitarian than the ones made under compulsory delegation. Finally, I study gender differences in delegation finding that gender biases only arise in compulsory delegation, and not under endogenous delegation, and at an agent level.

Department nameEconomics
Institution nameMiddlesex University
Publication dates
Print31 May 2017
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Deposited31 May 2017
Accepted23 May 2017
Output statusPublished
Accepted author manuscript
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