Democratization as validation of applied theatre and vice versa


Johansson, O. 2017. Democratization as validation of applied theatre and vice versa. Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform.
TitleDemocratization as validation of applied theatre and vice versa
AuthorsJohansson, O.

In response to the challenge of validating the efficacy of applied theatre, the article argues that the assessment of external social impact and internal personal change should be complemented with the consideration of an integral efficacy of the very application of participatory performance projects. With examples of African community theatre and Palestinian political theatre, a case is made for prefigurative and democratising effects as validating factors in performance practices that stage and enact the very aims of its interventions.

JournalOxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform
Publication dates
Online01 Feb 2018
PrintOct 2017
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Deposited12 Dec 2017
Accepted31 May 2017
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