The call of the open seas


Grahl, J. 2017. The call of the open seas. The Chartist.
TitleThe call of the open seas
AuthorsGrahl, J.

Britain's position in the Brexit negotiations is extremely week and is likely to lead to capitulation on all three of the prelimnary issues: financial payment to the EU, Ireland and the status of EU citizens in Britain. The notion of an independent global trading strategy for Britain was already out of date in the 1950s.

PublisherChartist Collective
JournalThe Chartist
Publication dates
Print31 Jul 2017
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Deposited18 Dec 2017
Accepted30 Jun 2017
Output statusPublished
Accepted author manuscript
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This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Chartist Collective in The Chartist, available online: Reproduced here with permission.

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