The rich, the rich, we gotta get rid of the rich


Mckenzie, L. 2017. The rich, the rich, we gotta get rid of the rich. Clinical Psychology Forum.
TitleThe rich, the rich, we gotta get rid of the rich
AuthorsMckenzie, L.

This is the chant of 1,500 protesters marching across Tower Bridge in London on a very wet and very cold Saturday afternoon in January. This was the very boisterous and loud section of the ‘March for Homes’, which started in Shoreditch in east London and led by the FocusE15 campaign. A group of young mothers and their children which were forcibly evicted out of a homeless hostel in 2013; the hostel sits in the shadow of the billion pound developments of the Olympic Park and the Westfield Shopping Centre. The campaign and fight of the Focus E15 mothers is just one example of the terrible and cruel ways that working class families and young mothers in particular are being treated in austerity Britain. This is the consequence of inequality gone mad, unrestrained markets, and a lack of empathy for those who struggle to survive in a rampant neo-liberal campaign for wealth and more wealth to be redistributed upwards.

PublisherBritish Psychological Society
JournalClinical Psychology Forum
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Print13 Sep 2017
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Accepted05 Nov 2016
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