The media and austerity: comparative perspectives

Edited Book

Basu, L., Schifferes, S. and Knowles, S. (ed.) 2018. The media and austerity: comparative perspectives. London, UK Routledge.
TypeEdited Book
TitleThe media and austerity: comparative perspectives
EditorsBasu, L., Schifferes, S. and Knowles, S.

The Media and Austerity examines the role of the news media in communicating and critiquing economic and social austerity measures in Europe since 2010. From an array of comparative, historical and interdisciplinary vantage points, this edited collection seeks to understand how and why austerity came to be perceived as the only legitimate policy response to the financial crisis for nearly a decade after it began.
Drawing on an international range of contributors with backgrounds in journalism, politics, history and economics, the book presents chapters exploring differing media representations of austerity from UK, US and European perspectives. It also investigates practices in financial journalism and highlights the role of social media in reporting public responses to government austerity measures. They reveal that, without a credible and coherent alternative to austerity from the political opposition, what had been an initial response to the consequences of the financial crisis, became entrenched between 2010 and 2015 in political discourse.

KeywordsEconomics, Finance, Business & Industry, Humanities, Politics & International Relations
Place of publicationLondon, UK
Publication dates
Print10 Apr 2018
Online17 Apr 2018
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Deposited29 Oct 2020
Submitted01 Jan 2018
Output statusPublished
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Hardback published April 10, 2018
Paperback published April 16, 2018

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