The development of a therapeutic parenting practice for a digital age; clinical roots to community settings

DPsych thesis

Fortune, J. 2023. The development of a therapeutic parenting practice for a digital age; clinical roots to community settings. DPsych thesis Middlesex University / Metanoia Institute Psychology
TypeDPsych thesis
Doctorate by public works thesis
TitleThe development of a therapeutic parenting practice for a digital age; clinical roots to community settings
AuthorsFortune, J.

This is my doctoral thesis by public works, in which I conduct a reflexive audit of my own body of public work, that is my 15-Minute Parenting practice. My question has been whether or not a play-based, therapeutic, self-directed, theoretically robust and psycho-educational parenting practice can bridge the gap between the clinic and the family home. My aim was to develop such a practice and explore its effectiveness amongst my target demographic. It is my assertion that this is possible and I present my 15-Minute Parenting practice as an example of this. I further advocate that the use of multi-media is essential in bringing this 15-Minute Parenting practice to the general public and outline how I have utilised multi-media platforms in amplifying my 15-Minute Parenting practice. I draw upon 4 epistemological strands to explain how 15-Minute Parenting has been developed and how it continues to develop and evolve. At the centre of the 15-Minute Parenting practice is my assertion that play is not only the language of children but is a universal language that can bridge the chasm between adulthood and childhood. In my 15-Minute Parenting practice, I introduce people to the seriousness of play in a fun and playful way advocating that opportunities for shared joy (enjoying and being enjoyed by each other) within moments of meeting (connection) between a parent and child can be transformative in the parent-child relationship. The 15-Minute Parenting practice is encased in a 3-book series but is supported by a weekly podcast of the same name as well as a weekly parenting radio show that airs on an award-winning national radio station in Ireland. I am seeking to highlight the effectiveness of bringing print media, radio, television and social media together in bringing my 15-Minute Parenting practice to a wider audience. The implications of focusing on strengthening and enhancing the parent-child relationship outside of the psychotherapy clinic is a move towards de-psychopathologising what are more mild-moderate behavioural challenges that fall within the range of what might be referred to as “typical” child development. This research also has implications beyond the parent-child relationship and I am exploring questions as to how it might also apply in the lives of (non-parent) adults and what the benefits of a playful state of mind are in all of our lives. With reference to the terminology, I am using in this context statement I wish to emphasise that I view and treat all family constructs as equal. I have worked with a wide variety of family formation and am accepting of all clients. When I say parent-child, please read it as speaking to the relationship between a child and their caregivers (those providing a parental presence), whomsoever they be.

KeywordsPlay; Children; Teenagers; Parenting; Mental Health; Media; Psychotherapy; Self-Directed
Sustainable Development Goals3 Good health and well-being
4 Quality education
Middlesex University ThemeHealth & Wellbeing
Department namePsychology
Institution nameMiddlesex University / Metanoia Institute
Publication dates
Print14 Feb 2023
Publication process dates
Deposited14 Feb 2023
Accepted27 Jan 2023
Output statusPublished
Accepted author manuscript
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