The pattern and prevalence of symptoms during the menstrual cycle

O "Common Communication Format" desenvolvido pela Unesco

Metal speciation in urban runoff.

The UNESCO Common Communication Format

Private security and social control: the private security sector in the United Kingdom, its commercial functions and public accountability.

The printed textiles industry in England, 1830-1870

An investigation of Ikat weaving and warp printing and their application to contemporary design

The selection and progress of young mining employees in the National Coal Board with special reference to the use of the Industrial Training Research Unit (Cambridge) job disposition questionnaire

The Independent Group as design theorists

Complex numbers from 1600 to 1840

Sediments in urban stormwater drainage systems

Trend prediction of double & single knitted jersey fabrics for the International Wool Secretariat

“Four Kites – Parrot, Fish, Butterfly and Cockerel” designed for the V&A shop, autumn of 1985