The internet: a framework for understanding ethical issues.

PhD thesis

Duquenoy, P. 2001. The internet: a framework for understanding ethical issues. PhD thesis Middlesex University School of Computing Science
TypePhD thesis
TitleThe internet: a framework for understanding ethical issues.
AuthorsDuquenoy, P.

The impact and influence of the Internet as a communications medium cannot be overstated. It has had a profound effect on economic, political, and other social infrastructures, and has introduced ways of communicating which have transformed social relationships. The Internet has opened up information exchange on a global scale, offering enormous opportunities and advantages to an hitherto unknown degree.
The Internet has also raised a number of serious, and urgent, ethical challenges. The discussions and debate surrounding ethical issues such as trust, security and privacy, amongst others, conducted at all levels (international, government, academia and the popular press) in themselves are evidence of the complexity of the problem of Internet ethics.
The research unravels some of the complexity and muddle of Internet ethics, with the objective of providing a foundation for further research. This thesis offers four perspectives on the problems of Internet ethics: technical, conceptual, regulatory and ethical. These different viewpoints are not only useful in drawing out insights concerning the ethical framework of the Internet, they also provide leverage for the analysis of pertinent issues.
The work in this thesis thus offers a framework for understanding, and analysis, which can be developed and used in continuing investigations. The research is a combination of theory and practice - both informing each other. The approach taken arose from the author's direct involvement in many of the expert discussions and debates which (together with the literature), identified a need for foundational work. In-depth work with a number of specialised groups has provided the practical backdrop, and grounding to this research - published results appear as Appendices.

Research GroupAspects of Law and Ethics Related to Technology group
Department nameSchool of Computing Science
Institution nameMiddlesex University
Publication dates
Print09 Nov 2010
Publication process dates
Deposited09 Nov 2010
CompletedNov 2001
Output statusPublished
Additional information

A thesis submitted to Middlesex University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

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