Professional doctorates: a possible model of knowledge co-production?

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Critten, P. and Harman, K. 2011. Professional doctorates: a possible model of knowledge co-production? Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC 11) Conference.. Hull, UK 12 - 14 Apr 2011
TitleProfessional doctorates: a possible model of knowledge co-production?
AuthorsCritten, P. and Harman, K.

The proposed symposium speaks to Antonacopoulou’s call for manuscripts on knowledge co-creation that enable ‘the challenges embedded in integrating knowledge, action, theory and practice’ to be revealed (2009, p. 426). We do this by examining the potential of professional doctorates as a possible space for the co-production of knowledge. This theme will be explored in a series of papers that provide a close-up study of a professional doctorate programme (DProf) at Middlesex University. The convenors of the symposium are Dr Kerry Harman, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Work Based Learning (IWBL) and Dr Peter Critten, Project Manager Work Based Organisational Learning IWBL. The contributors to the symposium either work as advisers on the professional doctorate programme or participate/have participated in the programme as doctoral candidates and two of the papers are writing collaborations between advisers and candidates.
The overarching aim of the symposium is to explore how actionable knowledge might be co-created and applied using the professional doctorate (as it is organised at this particular university) as the site for undertaking this examination. The symposium will be of particular interest to those involved in the organisation of doctoral programmes and those with an interest in the co-production of knowledge including HE academics, professional development practitioners, senior management (both in HEIs and other workplaces) and policy makers.
Symposium format:
1. Introductory session: outline of symposium and the theoretical underpinnings of the DProf – Peter Critten and Kerry Harman [15mins]
• Outline of symposium – aims of the session, format including the papers that will be presented and timing
• Professional doctorates – a brief description of professional doctorates in the UK (Park, 2007)
• An introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of a professional doctorate programme (DProf) at Middlesex University and some of the concepts we are working with in the ongoing organisation and delivery of this programme:
-workplace learning and practice-based knowledges (Gherardi, 2006, 2009)
-understanding professional practice (Green, 2009)
- action inquiry (Argyris, 1982)
-co-production of knowledge (Antonacopoulou, 2009)
• How might actionable knowledge be co-created and applied?
2. DPRof framework focusing on methodology, process and action – Annette Fillery-Travis [30mins]
3. Making waves in the field of corporate selling – an industry perspective – Philip Squire and Peter Critten [30mins]
4. Developing communities: Chris Erskine and Kate Maguire [30 mins]
5. Questions raised by each of the papers in relation to the co-production of knowledge – Kerry Harman (Discussant) [10mins]
6. Questions and discussion with audience [10mins]

Research GroupWork and Learning Research Centre
ConferenceOrganizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC 11) Conference.
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