Cross-currents of dance and politics: an introduction

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Kolb, A. 2011. Cross-currents of dance and politics: an introduction. in: Kolb, A. (ed.) Dance and Politics Oxford Peter Lang. pp. 1-35
Chapter titleCross-currents of dance and politics: an introduction
AuthorsKolb, A.

This extended introduction to the author’s edited book collection entitled "Dance and Politics" identifies four ways in which the art of dance can interrelate with the political sphere. First, it outlines and exemplifies the body of choreography with an explicitly political content; dealing for instance in its subject matter with questions of war, human rights or environmental issues. Secondly, it examines a wider phenomenon in which certain genres or forms of dance are deemed to have political or ideological connotations; examples here include the allegedly conservative nature of traditional ballet, in contrast to the liberal and democratic aspirations of some postmodernist work. Thirdly, the article considers the potential of dance to impact upon external political events, for instance through its social commentary or capacity to affect the views or values of its audience, or even in some cases inciting protest against the work itself. The final section addresses the reciprocal impact of politics on dance practice, primarily via the cultural policy agendas and funding strategies adopted under different regimes.

Page range1-35
Book titleDance and Politics
EditorsKolb, A.
PublisherPeter Lang
Place of publicationOxford
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Deposited01 Nov 2012
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