Development and application of learning curves

Masters thesis

Hackett, E. 1974. Development and application of learning curves. Masters thesis Middlesex Polytechnic School of Health & Education
TypeMasters thesis
TitleDevelopment and application of learning curves
AuthorsHackett, E.

As part of a Research Project into the Cost Effectiveness of Training, various experiments were held in Telephone Exchanges in the Midland, Eastern and London Telecomrnunications Regions. The purpose of the experiments was to investigate the work load of telephonists,to see how the amount of time spent on the elements of the task done might vary as the training of the telephonists proceeded and also to attempt to compare two methods of training. Data from these experiments and from other sources in the literature was used to compare the efficiency of a selection of models of learning.
The method of comparison was based on an extension of an iterative 2-parameter curve fitting algorithm which uses a Taylor Series approximation to the function of the model of learning investigated.
The resulting analysis allowed a tentative choice of what might be called the "best" model, which was then used in a more
detailed examination of further data obtained on telephonists. In the event, the curve fitting analysis was found to be complex, as was the apparently simple task of "telephonist", Time did not allow an extension of the study into other tasks performed by Post Office personnel.

Department nameSchool of Health & Education
Institution nameMiddlesex Polytechnic
Publication dates
Print22 Jul 2013
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Deposited22 Jul 2013
CompletedOct 1974
Output statusPublished
Accepted author manuscript
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A Thesis submitted to the Council for National Academic Awards in Candidature for the Degree of Master of Philosophy.

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