Yours truly (aka Head over heels)

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Parker, O., Gouldstone, I., McKinnon, M., Hill, L. and Bisineer, M. 2006. Yours truly (aka Head over heels).
Title of workYours truly (aka Head over heels)
CreatorsParker, O., Gouldstone, I., McKinnon, M., Hill, L. and Bisineer, M.

Animation short. What will Frank sacrifice in a world beyond yesterday's emulsion?
Characters burst through yesterday's emulsion to tell the conflicting story of Frank and Charlie who sacrifice their morals to find love as two worlds collide.
Former glories are ripped from archive footage and reassembled in a surreal city of last century's detritus to tell the story of Frank and Charlie. In love with each other? In love with themselves? They see only one way out. But what will they sacrifice in order to save what they love the most in a world of forgotten people and abandoned morality, as characters break through yesterday's emulsion, forcing the two worlds to collide.

Output mediaMade on 16mm film, released on DVD
Research GroupElectronic and Digital Arts cluster
Publisher or commissioning bodyAnimateTV
Publication process dates
Deposited18 Sep 2013
Output statusPublished
Additional information

A film by Osbert Parker
Co-writer Ian W Gouldstone
Editor Matthew McKinnon
Key Animators Laurie Hill & Meghana Bisineer
Duration: 4'41"

Media typeVideo
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