Anti/pro/critical porn studies


Smith, C. and Attwood, F. 2014. Anti/pro/critical porn studies. Porn Studies. 1 (1-2), pp. 7-23.
TitleAnti/pro/critical porn studies
AuthorsSmith, C. and Attwood, F.

In this introductory article we explore contemporary debates about the ‘critical’ study of pornography in relation to ‘anti-porn’, ‘pro-porn’, ‘sex-positive’ and ‘sex-critical’ approaches, and the recent reframing of pornography and sex more generally in relation to postfeminism and neoliberalism. The article reviews emerging work in porn studies, discusses the importance of developing a critical examination of the porn industries, and introduces the contributions that comprise this first issue. We end with some thoughts on nomenclature.

Keywordscritical porn studies, Porn Studies journal
PublisherTaylor and Francis
JournalPorn Studies
Publication dates
Print21 Mar 2014
Publication process dates
Deposited10 Apr 2014
Output statusPublished
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