The teaching methods in aesthetics in relation to the labour market needs in Cyprus

Masters thesis

Micheal, S. 2014. The teaching methods in aesthetics in relation to the labour market needs in Cyprus. Masters thesis Middlesex University Institute for Work Based Learning
TypeMasters thesis
Doctorate by public works thesis
TitleThe teaching methods in aesthetics in relation to the labour market needs in Cyprus
AuthorsMicheal, S.

When selecting the topic I would deal with for the completion of my master, I set as a goal the upgrading and recognition of the profession of the Beautician by offering an upgraded programme of study at Cyprus College. Being a professional beautician and the owner of a Beauty Salon since 1990, as well as a Professor of Aesthetics since 2005, I have had countless experiences in this area. As a professional in the field, I often come across people who received "bad" services "from other colleagues." Unfortunately, I can ascertain that this is true as I participated in many seminars where I met professional beauticians whose educational level was below standard. Even my efforts to employ an assistant at my beauty salon were often disappointing. So, although teaching was one of my childhood dreams which was replaced by Aesthetics as I grew up, the idea of teaching courses related to Aesthetics began to take shape after the experiences I described above. I therefore started my efforts to obtain a diploma in teaching so as to be able to transmit as much information as possible in this field, but at the same time to get to know what was going on in the various colleges in Cyprus. All the above, enabled me and made me want to investigate, and in the process, develop Aesthetic education in my country. The topic I will present in this project is "The Teaching Methods in Aesthetics in Relation to the Labour Market Needs in Cyprus". My aim is to clarify, analyze and develop the weaknesses and limitations that emerge from the various programmes of study in Cyprus through the answers I got from the different groups of people that participated in my research. Having studied and quoted the background theory of the issues that are necessary and essential in education, especially for programmes such as aesthetics, I will present the findings of my research as well as my own ideas and suggestions, so that the theory has a positive reflection on the research questions I posed at the beginning of the project. The presentation and analysis of some statistical data is another element that reflects the need for research in the labour market. The approach used to yield my research findings was the qualitative approach which involved the use of secondary data analysis and focus group interviews. One of the main problems identified is the lack of skills of graduates of two-year programmes of study. Through my proposed three-year programme of study, which ran as a pilot programme for four consecutive years, we get the answers to the research questions I initially set, since innovative methods in Aesthetic education in Cyprus start being implemented. Finally, I would like to emphasize that it is not enough for someone to hold academic qualifications, to have skills, principles and a good character. It is our obligation to respond, through our qualifications of course, to the respective legislation of the state we belong to. It is proved through my research that the delay in the implementation of the Legislation for Beauticians was a suppressive factor in upgrading the profession of the beautician. This legislation was implemented recently, in the summer 2013. So, the programme of study of Cyprus College, gives its graduates the legal opportunity and possibility to get employed immediately at this difficult time that the island is going through.

Research GroupWork and Learning Research Centre
Department nameInstitute for Work Based Learning
Institution nameMiddlesex University
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Print05 Jun 2014
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Deposited05 Jun 2014
Completed02 May 2014
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