Cats and the law: evolving protection for cats and owners


Nurse, A. and Ryland, D. 2014. Cats and the law: evolving protection for cats and owners. Journal of Animal Welfare Law.
TitleCats and the law: evolving protection for cats and owners
AuthorsNurse, A. and Ryland, D.

This article examines the practical impact of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 on companion animal owners and their companions.
It argues that the true significance of the Act is in creating a 21st Century conception of animal welfare based on the needs of animals. Arguably this amounts to a form of rights given that the Act requires owners to consider the needs of individual animals representing a departure from previous legislation which was largely negative in scope i.e. specifying prohibited actions towards animals.
Instead, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 imposes a positive obligation to provide animal welfare, signalling an end to 'standard' approaches to animal welfare and instead requiring responsible, informed human-animal domestic relationships.

Keywordsanimal welfare, cat welfare, unnecessary suffering, animal cruelty, animal law, criminal law
Research GroupLaw and Politics
PublisherAssociation of Lawyers for Animal Welfare
JournalJournal of Animal Welfare Law
Publication dates
Print01 Dec 2014
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Deposited22 Apr 2015
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Journal of Animal Welfare Law, December 2014

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