Formal verification of a theory of packages


Boender, J. 2011. Formal verification of a theory of packages. ECEASST. 48.
TitleFormal verification of a theory of packages
AuthorsBoender, J.

Over the years, open source distributions have become increasingly large and complex---as an example, the latest Debian distribution contains almost 30 000 packages.
Consequently, the tools that deal with these distribution have also become more and more complex. Furthermore, to deal with increasing distribution sizes optimisation has become more important as well.
To make sure that correctness is not sacrificed for complexity and optimisation, it is important to verify the underlying assumptions formally.
In this paper, we present an example of such a verification: a formalisation in
Coq of a theory of packages and their interdependencies.

Research GroupFoundations of Computing group
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Deposited11 May 2015
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