Psychopathic leadership a case study of a corporate psychopath CEO


Boddy, C. 2017. Psychopathic leadership a case study of a corporate psychopath CEO. Journal of Business Ethics. 145 (1), pp. 141-156.
TitlePsychopathic leadership a case study of a corporate psychopath CEO
AuthorsBoddy, C.

This longitudinal case study reports on a charity in the UK which gained a new CEO who was reported by two middle managers who worked in the charity, to embody (respectively) all or most of the ten characteristics within a measure of corporate psychopathy. The leadership of this CEO with a high corporate psychopathy score was reported to be so poor that the organisation was described as being one without leadership and as a lost organisation with no direction. This paper outlines the resultant characteristics of the ensuing aimlessness and lack of drive of the organisation involved. Comparisons are made to a previous CEO in the same organisation, who was reportedly an authentic, effective and transformational leader. Outcomes under the CEO with a high corporate psychopathy score were related to bullying, staff withdrawal and turnover as effective employees stayed away from and/or left the organisation. Outcomes also included a marked organisational decline in terms of revenue, employee commitment, creativity and organisational innovativeness. The paper makes a contribution to both leadership and to corporate psychopathy research as it appears to be the first reported study of a CEO with a high corporate psychopathy score.

JournalJournal of Business Ethics
Publication dates
Online19 Oct 2015
Print01 Sep 2017
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Deposited28 Oct 2015
Accepted12 Oct 2015
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