Modelling of colour appearance of textured colours and smartphones using CIECAM02

PhD thesis

Khodamordi, E. 2017. Modelling of colour appearance of textured colours and smartphones using CIECAM02. PhD thesis Middlesex University Computer Science
TypePhD thesis
TitleModelling of colour appearance of textured colours and smartphones using CIECAM02
AuthorsKhodamordi, E.

The international colour committee recommended a colour appearance model, CIECAM02 in 2002, to help to predict colours under various viewing conditions from a colour appearance point of view, which has the accuracy of an averaged observer. In this research, an attempt is made to extend this model to predict colours on mobile telephones, which is not covered in the model. Despite the limited size and capacity of a mobile telephone, the urge to apply it to meet quotidian needs has never been unencumbered due to its appealing appearance, versatility, and readiness, such as viewing/taking pictures and shopping online. While a smartphone can act as a mini-computer, it does not always offer the same functionality as a desktop computer.
For example, the RGB values on a smartphone normally cannot be modified nor can white balance be checked. As a result, performing online shopping using a mobile telephone can be difficult, especially when buying colour sensitive items. Therefore, this research takes an initiative to investigate the variations of colours for a number of smartphones while making an effort to predict their colour appearance using CIECAM02, benefiting both telephone users and makers. This thesis studies the Apple iPhone 5, LG Nexus 4, Samsung, and Huawei models, and compares their performance with a CRT colour monitor that has been calibrated using the D65 standard, to be consistent with the normal way of viewing online colours. As expected, all the telephones tested present more colourful images than a CRT. Work was also undertaken to investigate colours with a degree of texture. It was found that, on CRT monitors, a colour with a texture appears to be darker but more colourful to a human observer. Linear modifications have been proposed and implemented to the CIECAM02 model to accommodate these textured colours.

Department nameComputer Science
Institution nameMiddlesex University
Publication dates
Print12 May 2017
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Deposited12 May 2017
Accepted11 May 2017
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