La nueva America Latina: logros, potencialidades, complejidades y desafíos


Dominguez, F. 2014. La nueva America Latina: logros, potencialidades, complejidades y desafíos. Revista de Politicas Publicas. 18 (2014), pp. 103-113.
TitleLa nueva America Latina: logros, potencialidades, complejidades y desafíos
AuthorsDominguez, F.

This article focus the variety of progressist governments in Latin America that, representing a range of ideological definitions, since 1998, intensively collaborate to strengthen the creation of mechanisms for regional integration , apply practices that oppose and fight vigorously the once dominant neoliberalism.It adds that in less than 20 years Latin America has gone from abject submission to the Washington Consensus to a Consensus Without Washington. Poverty in the region has decreased dramatically, governments control key areas of the economy, including strategic raw materials, and national sovereignty has been strengthened extraordinarily. But such achievements are not stable: US destabilization plans are a permanent threat. Besides, social inclusion policies turn millions of individuals into citizens. Redistribution, being necessary, is not sufficient to please the aspirations of its new socio-economic horizon. It still analyzes the complexities and challenges presented at this stage of development of the new Latin America.

KeywordsNeoliberalism, destabilization, national sovereignty, redistribution, social inclusion, poverty, public services, economic integration
PublisherFederal University of Maranhao, Brazil
JournalRevista de Politicas Publicas
Publication dates
Print31 Jul 2014
Online05 Aug 2014
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Deposited03 Feb 2021
Accepted06 Jan 2014
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