Terrorism and contagion theory: examining the influence of ISIS on Boko Haram (2012-2016)

PhD thesis

Ejime, R. 2022. Terrorism and contagion theory: examining the influence of ISIS on Boko Haram (2012-2016). PhD thesis Middlesex University Business and Law
TypePhD thesis
TitleTerrorism and contagion theory: examining the influence of ISIS on Boko Haram (2012-2016)
AuthorsEjime, R.

Terrorism is not novel and has become ubiquitous in the present global era. It has also become communicable and contagious in recent years. To assess the contagiousness of this phenomenon, two very active terrorist groups operating in different geographical locations, Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, will be studied. This is done to identify the influence and communicable effects of terrorism from the latter on the former. The existence of BH has primarily been identified as a result of economic hardships, mass unemployment, religious ideology and marginalisation (relative deprivation). However, the continued existence of the group has been limited to other factors. This study aims to examine the similarities that exist between BH and ISIS with a bid to understand if the insurgency of BH in Nigeria is a result of just these socio-economic and political factors prevalent in the country or as a result of imitation of other terrorist groups (contagion/copycat terrorism). Qualitative analysis of transcripts from these terrorist groups’ public statements and online magazines was undertaken using Nvivo computer-assisted software. A careful comparison of both terrorist groups shows similar aims and objectives, including establishing an Islamic Caliphate run by Islamic laws. However, BH began as a non-violent group in 2002, owing to Nigeria's poor socio-political and economic conditions (internal factors). The group began to morph and imitate the activities, actions and rhetoric of ISIS, even becoming the deadliest terrorist group in 2014 and developing more prowess in using social media to its advantage.

Sustainable Development Goals16 Peace, justice and strong institutions
Middlesex University ThemeHealth & Wellbeing
Research GroupLaw and Politics
Department nameBusiness and Law
Institution nameMiddlesex University
Publication dates
Print09 Nov 2022
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Deposited09 Nov 2022
Accepted12 Jan 2022
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